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CGC graded comics for sale, most 9.6-9.8, $25-up

Posted By: Collectibles Shop
Date: Sat, 7/25/20, 12:46 am
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Here's the list of my few CGC graded comic books and magazines, mostly copper and moderns. Decided to break the set of Batman Sword of Azrael now, so fill in your sets, ok? Reduced a couple others, noted below. See all at

NOTE: Some will have some "Newton's Rings/blotches/pools" effects on the front and/or back to varying degrees, from the inner plastic 'bag' touching the outer case plastic in places. See this official explanation about it on their forum: . Looks like an oily film, but is NOT, it's simply a prism/contact effect and there's no harm to the comic. It's been this way for a long time with slabbed comics, and CGC can't seem to fix it 100% so far, so gotta live with it. No returns because of this effect, ok? The areas will look better or worse depending on the viewing angle, so scans and camera pics don't accurately reflect the full amount of such areas. I have larger images I can send you too, but they don't show all the Newton areas all that well, so plan on there being more than any image will show.

Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 (Ben Reilly Spidey, 'Tomb of Kaine' story), 9.8. REDUCED. Was $70, now $60.

Batman Sword of Azrael 1-4. #1 is 9.6=$50. #2 is 9.8=$60. #3 is 8.5=$15. #4 is 9.6=$35. #3 is free if you buy the set.
Omega Men #10 first full Lobo story, 9.6, $50.
Preacher #6, 9.8, includes free VF/NM raw copy too...$40
Star Trek Next Generation #75, 9.8, cover painting by Sonia Hillios and signed by her, has green Qualified label...$55. Only 1 graded so far. Great gift for the Trekker you know.

Image, Indys,Vaiant:
Darkness #1/2, 9.6...$25
John Byrne's Next Men #1, Vol. 1, 9.8. REDUCED Was $55, now $50. Plus get a free raw copy.

-(2) Golden Anniversary of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, from Gladstone, 1987, with stickers and posters intact. Both got 9.8, 1 case got cracked a little, my fault, but not going to pay for reholdering. Highest 2 in census. Asking $160 for the cracked case one, and $200 for the other.
-Femme Fatales V5 #7, Elvira cover. 9.6, highest and only 1 graded. No Newton pools...$100
-Heavy Metal, Sept 1995, 9.6, only 1 graded. Painted cover of Julie Strain, signed by the artist Olivia De Berardinis. No Newton pools...$100
-Sports Illustrated 25th Swimsuit issue, 1989, 9.2, ties for highest graded of extremely few graded. Kathy Ireland cover. No Newton pools, but case front has multiple small scuffs and more scratches than usual, so you may want to send for reholdering, I still might. Price based on very little sales info I have found the last few months for graded 80s swimsuit issues, and it's not like $995 for a 9.0. But saw a 1981 in mere 7.0 get $195 supposedly, so this is a steal at...$200

Exact shipping charged, no handling fees. Experienced seller, satisfaction guaranteed on condition or money back, less shipping fees. Shipping in U.S. and maybe Canada.

PLEASE read my How To Order page before contacting me about buying. . I can take credit card payments via Square's Invoice service (nothing to join or sign up for, no cost to you), similar to PP's. Also money orders, personal checks, cashiers checks, well concealed cash. MoneyGram and Western Union transfers work too if you're in a hurry, and they take credit cards, but have fees. I've been doing mail order for 30+ years now, providing quality items and good service. You get confirmation every step of the way. My Feedbacks page has plenty of positive customer testimonials:

Email is checked frequently and you will get a fast reply (I'm online most afternoons, and evenings on and off), so please check your email later that day or evening for a reply, and reply back as soon as you can, thanks! (You'll have to use the email link on my site. No email posted here due to spammers.)

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