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For Sale: Marvel, DC, Image and Indy promo posters, .75-up

Posted By: Collectibles Shop
Date: Mon, 6/11/18, 1:42 am
In Response To: For Sale: 1980s-1990s $1 Clearance & other comics - Marvel, DC, Independents (Collectibles Shop) -- View Expanded

Here's the list of 1990's comic book and other promo posters for sale on my site. I constantly see many of these sell for more on 'that' auction site, and some asking prices are sky high, so buy these up already! Pics on site, can email larger ones. Most are folded like they came to shops, but some Image posters came flat/rolled, and those are noted as 'rolled,' as that's how they'll be mailed. Most are in excellent condition, but not perfect, as all will have some minor handling kinks or edge wear. Art by Neal Adams, Todd McFarlane, Steven Hughes, Stephen Platt, Chap Yeap and more.

Get 20% off when you buy $20 or more of these.

These are on my Comic Art page, , or you can see thumbnails of all on , and the pics are linked to larger ones.

Marvel & DC:

Avengers action figures by Toybiz, 10x13" Toyfare insert...$.75
Blood and Shadows, 17"x22", DC Vertigo title, Mark Nelson...$1
Fate (new Dr. Fate, 1994), DC, 17"x22", Anthony Williams...$1
Generation X comic, 23"x34", team characters & text, Chris Bachalo...$3
Generation X TV movie, 20.5"x40", cast photo...$3
Goddess, 17"x22", DC, Vertigo title, Phil Winslade painting...$2
Judge Dredd movie adapation (Stallone version), DC, 14.5"x22", Bill Sienkiewicz...$1
Wizard mag #50, Spider-Man (tiny staple holes in corners), 19"x25", Todd McFarlane...$3
Wizard #53, Spider-Man, Ash, & X-Files, 19"x25"...$2
Wizard #60, Spider-Man & Hulk, 19"x25", McFarlane...$2.50

Image, Top Cow etc.:

Badrock #1, 16"x24", Liefeld art (rolled, tiny staple holes in corners)...$4
Badrock #2, 16"x24", Liefeld art (2, rolled)...$4 ea.
Extreme Sacrifice, 24"x36", Chap Yeap art, have 2...$3 ea.
Freak Force, 11"x17", Bridges art...$1
Image Universe trading cards, 30"x23", Campbell art...$3
New Men, 18"x24", shows covers of #13-16, Todd Nauck art...$2
Prophet, 16"x24", Stephen Platt art (rolled, tiny staple holes in corners)...$4
Ripclaw, 19"x27", Brandon Peterson art, some waviness along edges (rolled)...$4
Warchild, 16"x24", Chap Yeap art (rolled, tiny staple holes in corners)...$4
Wetworks, 10x13" Wizard insert, Portacio art...$.75
Youngblood, 18"x24", Roger Cruz art...$2.50


Austin Powers action figures by McFarlane Toys, 10x13" Toyfare insert...$.75
Beavis & Butthead action figures, 10x13" Toyfare insert (2)...$.75 ea.
Chaos Comics, Evil Ernie & Lady Death, 18"x24", Hughes art...$3
Coven (Awesome Ent.), 10x13" Wizard insert, Ian Churchill art...$.75
Dinosaurs for Hire, 11"x17", black & white & red, Bryon Carson art...$1
Knighthawk (Acclaim/Windjammer), 26"x39", Neal Adams art, have 2...$5 ea.
Lady Death/X two sided poster, from 1994 Wizard mag, so folded in half. 10.25"x13", have 4. Hughes art, cover to Lady Death #1/2...$1 ea.
Mantra (Malibu Comics), 10x13" Hero Ill. insert, Jim Lee art...$.75
Mickey Spillane's Mike Danger (Tekno Comics), B&W, 31.5"x48.5", Frank Miller art...$5
Mr. Monster & friends, 10x13" Hero Ill. insert, Gilbert art...$.75
Next Men (John Byrne's/Dark Horse), 22"x34", G. Cody art, have 2...$2.50 ea.
Resident Evil action figures by Toybiz, 10x13" Toyfare insert...$.75
Street Fighter II, 11"x16", has Viz Comics listings on the back...$1
Wizard Bad Girls (Dawn, Lady Death, Barb Wire, Shi, Vampirella, etc.), 19"x25"...$2.50
Wizard's First 100 covers (1991-2000). 17"x26", small photos of 100 Wizard covers...$1

I have other prints and posters, Olivia De Berardinis pin-up calendars, and other promo art items.

Site is ad, popup and flash free. Site navigation is at the bottom of all main pages.

Exact shipping charged, no handling fees. Experienced seller, satisfaction guaranteed on condition or money back, less shipping fees. Shipping in the U.S. and maybe Canada.

PLEASE read my How To Order page before contacting me about buying. . I can now take credit card payments via Square's Invoice service (nothing to join or sign up for, no cost to you), similar to PP's. Also money orders, personal checks, cashiers checks, well concealed cash. MoneyGram and Western Union transfers work too if you're in a hurry, and they take credit cards, but have fees. I've been doing mail order for over 29 years now, providing quality items and good service. You get confirmation every step of the way. My Feedbacks page has plenty of positive customer testimonials:

Email is checked frequently and you will get a fast reply (I'm online most afternoons, and evenings on and off), so please check your email later that day or evening for a reply, and reply back as soon as you can, thanks! (You'll have to use the email link on my site. No email posted here due to spammers.)

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