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For Sale: Comics, toys, art, mags, sci-fi, cartoon, & more
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Collectibles Shop
Mon, 9/13/21, 5:36 pm
For Sale: Comics, toys, art, mags, sci-fi, cartoon, & more

The Collectibles Shop website (a non-business private collector) has back issue comics from the 1960s-2000 (with some .25-$1 stuff on the Clearance page), posters and other art, toys, Star Trek, Star Wars, other sci-fi, comic related and other magazines, sports stuff, Disney, Warner Bros., and other cartoon & character items for sale.

I can take credit card payments via Square's Invoice service. Details on my site's How to Order page.

Many of my few remaining Silver and Bronze age books are 30%-60% or more off guide (most are in the F/VF, VF, to NM- range), and many NM moderns are 50%-75% off guide or cover price, or even less on the Clearance page. Special Lot deals on my clearance comics too, up to 50% more off, and your choice of comics.

Price reductions and sale announcements are noted on the What's New page:

To make it easier for some to go right to the page they're interested in, I'll post all my main page URLs. Site is ad, pop-up and flash free, and yeah, a bit 'retro' style, but it's simple and it works. Internal search function too. Site navigation is at the bottom of all main pages:

Collectibles Shop home page -

Comic Book, Magazine main pages:

CGC graded comics for sale:

Clearance comics & related magazines for sale:

Marvel comics for sale:

DC comics for sale:

Image comics for sale:

Independent comics for sale:

Magazines for sale (Entertainment/celebrity etc.):

Sci-Fi and Toys main pages:

Star Trek for sale:

Star Trek paintings by Sonia Hillios for sale:

Star Wars for sale:

Toys & neat stuff for sale:

Warner Brothers/Bros. for sale (Batman, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera etc.):

Art & other collectibles main pages:

Comic and other Art for sale:

Disney for sale:

Sports collectibles for sale:

The Office merchandise for sale (NBC show):

Exact shipping charged, no handling fees. Experienced seller, satisfaction guaranteed on condition or money back, less shipping fees. Shipping in U.S. and maybe Canada.

PLEASE read my How To Order page before contacting me about buying. . I can take credit card payments via Square's Invoice service (nothing to join or sign up for, no cost to you), similar to PP's. Also money orders, personal checks, cashiers checks, well concealed cash. MoneyGram and Western Union transfers work too if you're in a hurry, and they take credit cards, but have fees. I've been doing mail order for over 31 years now, providing quality items and good service. You get confirmation every step of the way. My Feedbacks page has plenty of positive customer testimonials:

Email is checked frequently and you will get a fast reply (I'm online most afternoons, and evenings on and off), so please check your email later that day or evening for a reply, and reply back as soon as you can, thanks! (You'll have to use the email link on my site. No email posted here due to spammers.)

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