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For Sale: Doctor Leviathan graphic novel for sale.
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jame BANKS
Sun, 12/8/19, 1:05 am
For Sale: Doctor Leviathan graphic novel for sale.

Some say he is a saint………others a monster. Sometimes you need a monster to protect you from other monsters. This monsters name is Doctor Leviathan

Doctor Leviathan volume one is a graphic novel that takes place in the future. there mankind is tormented by a million powerful criminals, madmen, assassins and monsters but no heroes to combat them.
chapter one
the evil that men do.
The first story of this graphic novel takes place in a room consisting of some of the most vile an hideous villains and monsters known to man. They are murderers and thieves , rapist and kidnappers. They are all enemies of mankind and some have the power to level a 23 story building or fly into a burning sun and survive. They are led by a white suit wearing ego maniac and powerful sorcerer named siege. His body is covered with hundreds off insects that live and feed off of his body. He is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world and one of the most sinister. He has gathered his evil followers together in this room, to watch the execution of a young girl on live television. This young girl is the daughter of a judge who has had a few of sieges friends prosecuted and executed for their vicious crimes. Siege plans to take revenge against the judge as his daughter is to be executed on live television and her father the judge will be helpless to watch.
Chapter two -
an eye for an eye
Our story starts in the streets of a city under siege, as a few thousand people are running for their lives from a giant rampaging behemoth. This beast stands as tall as a small skyscraper, a few hundred feet high, and is rampaging through the city crushing everything in its path. Hundreds die as they are either crushed under the feet of the giant beast or they are crushed from the falling debris. This beast was set loose upon this city by a man who became a priest to hide from his criminal past as a super-villain. He soon finds out that no matter how hard he tries to redeem himself and his spirit, there is always a price to pay for your past sins.
Chapter three -
The enemy of my enemy
The sewers in Detroit run red with the blood of criminals that for years have hunted and tormented the citizens of Detroit. Something is killing these monsters as fifty-seven powerful super villains are found slaughtered throughout the sewers in Detroit. What is killing these monsters and why should law enforcement care. Their job is being done for them by this mysterious ally as these beast, who preyed upon mankind, have now become the hunted themselves. It is soon discovered that the mysterious vigilante has to be stopped as they are a greater danger to the city than the criminals they hunt.

Sometimes you need more than a superhero to fight your monsters .........Sometimes you need a monster to fight other monsters....In a world overrun with killer cyborgs, psychotic mad scientist and super assassins that terrorize mankind..... this is the monster you need......This monsters name is Doctor Leviathan..
For lovers of superhero and horror graphic novels
Doctor leviathan volume one

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[image] Directed by Justin
Produced by World Famous Comics
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