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Orestes Nash
Sun, 12/16/18, 8:34 pm

Hello I am buying comics from the 1930ís- 1970ís. I will also consider key or hot books from later dates. I have been a dealer/collector for over 35 years with many satisfied customers. Just last year alone I spent over 90k on comics. Call today to get your best cash offer.


Orestes Nash

In Response To:
Thu, 12/27/18, 2:50 pm
Re: Buying: BUYING COMICS // TOP $$$$ PAID

In response to your ad I have the following comics for sale.

Action 306 [Mooney-a] [Good]

Action 323 [Mooney-art] [Good]

Action 355 [Luthor app.] [Boring-art] [Mooney-art] [Good]

Action 360 [Supergirl-cover/app.] [Swan-cover] [Good]

Action 363[Adams-c] [1st app: Virus-X] [Luthor app.] [Andru-art] [Scaffenberger-art] (2 copies) [Good]

Action 367 [Adams-cover] [Scaffenberger-art] [Good]

Action 368 [Mr. Mxyzptlk app.] [Scaffenberger-art] [Good]

Adventure 345 [Death: Blockcade Boy] [Good]

Adventure 346 [1st Princess Projecta] [Good]

Adventure 347 [Karate Kid-Cover/Story] [Good]

Adventure 348 [1st. app: Dr. Regulus] [Good]

Adventure 352 [1st app: Fatal Five] [Good]

Adventure 353 [2nd app.:Fatal Five] [Good]

Adventure 356 [Legion Babies-Cover/Story] [Good]

Adventure 360 ["Legion Chain Gang"] [Good]

Adventure 361 [1st Unkillables] [Good]

Adventure 366 [Fatal Five app.] [Good]

Adventure 368 [Female Legion vs. Male Legion-Cover/Story] [Good]

Avengers 53 [X-Men cover/story] [Good]

Batman 187 [Newspaper Strip Reprint featuring Joker] [Good]

Batman 195 [1st app: Star Spangled See-Thru Man] [Good]

Batman 204 [Operation Blindfold-pt. 1] [Good]

Batman 205 [Operation Blindfold-pt. 2] [Good]

Batman 207 [Death Traps-cover/story] [Good]

Blackhawk 236 [Mutant Melt story] [Good]

Brave and Bold 67 [Batman & Flash] [Good]

Brave and Bold 69 [ Batman & Green Lantern] [Good]

Capt. Action 1 [1st apps: Capt. Action, Action Boy] [Superman app.] [Good]

Challengers of the Unknown 43 [Challengers get new costumes] [Good]

Challengers of the Unknown 48 [Doom Patrol X-over] [Good]

Daredevil 34 [O: Beetle] [Good]

Daredevil 40 [Unholy Three app.] [Good]

Eighty Page Giant 1 [Superman: Imaginary Stories] [Fair]

Flash 182 [Abbra Kadabra app.] [Fair]

Green Lantern 46 [Dr. Polaris app.] [Good]

Green Lantern 48 [1st app: Goldface] [Good]

Green Lantern 53 [Jordan Brothers story] [Good]

Green Lantern 55 ["Cosmic Enemy Number One"] [Good]

Hawkman 10 [Claw app.] [Good]

Hawkman 14 [Claw app.] [Good]

House of Secrets 26 [Alien Ape-cover/story] [Meskin art] [Good]

Iron Man 15 [Red Ghost app.] [Tuska art] [Good]

Justice League of America 43 [O/1st app: Royal Flush Gang]

Justice League of America 66 [Demi Gog app.]

Marvel Super Heroes 13 [2nd app: Capt. Marvel] [Good]

Marvel Super Heroes 19 [Ka-Zar-C/Story] [Tuska-Art] [Very Good]

Marvel Super Heroes 20 [1st Dr. Doom solo story] [Very Good]

Metal Men 23 [Sizzler app.] [Very Good]

Mystery in Space 85 ["Riddle of the Runaway Rockets"] [Tear in Front Cover] [Fair]

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD 4 [O: Nick Fury] [Good] [Steranko-cover and art]

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD 6[ Sci-Fi Cover by Steranko]

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD 13 [1st app: Super Patriot] [Flag cover by Steranko]

Our Army at War 201 ["Graffiti Writer"-cover/story] [Good]

Sea Devils 13 [Kubert draws himself] [1st Comic Readers Poll] [Good]

Showcase 72 [Johnny Thunder- cover/story] [Toth reprint] [Very Good]

Star-Spangled War Stories 87 [Mademosille Marie-cover/story] [Very Good]

Star-Spangled War Stories 140 [Enemy Ace-cover/story] [Very Good]

Superboy 108 ["Kent's 1st Super-Son"] [Good]

Superboy 110 [Jor-El app.] [Good]

Superboy 115 [Classic Atom Bomb cover] [Very Good]

Superboy 124 [1st app: Insect Queen (Lana Lang)] [Good]

Superboy 130 [Superbaby-cover/story] [Good]

Superboy 136 [Super Canines app.] [Good]

Superboy 153 [Adams cover] [Wood art] [Professor Mesmer app.] [Good]

Superboy 157 [Adams cover] [Wood art] [Good]

Superman 175 [Luthor cover/story] [Good]

Lois Lane 51 [Lori Lemaris app.] [Schaffenberger art] [Good]

Lois Lane 60 ["Get Lost Superman"] [Schaffenberger art] [Good]

Lois Lane 61 [Mr. Mxyzptlk app.] [Tuska art] [Very Good][Schaffenberger art] [Good]

Lois Lane 67 ["Bombshell of the Boulevard"] [Schaffenberger art] [Good]

Lois Lane 75 ["Lady Dictator"] [Schaffenberger art] [Good]

Lois Lane 90 [Dahr-Nel app.] [Tuska art] [Very Good]

Lois Lane 91 [Superlass app.] [Tuska art] [Very Good]

Jimmy Olsen 90 [Mr. Mxyzptlk app.] [Swan art] [Good]

Jimmy Olsen 93 ["Batman-Superman of Earth-X"] [Good]

Jimmy Olsen 94 [O: Insect Queen (Lana Lang) retold] [Good]

Jimmy Olsen 110 [Infinity cover] [Very Good]

Teen Titans 6 [Beast Boy-cover/app.] [Readers polled on Beast Boy's membership] [Good]

Tomahawk 121 ["To Kill a Ranger"] [Classic Adams cover] [Very Good]

Unexpected 111 [Johnny Peril cover/story] [Very Good]

Wonder Woman 165 [Paper Man-cover/story] [Dr. Psycho app.] [Good]

World's Finest 167 [Luthor app.] [Good]

That's my list.

I'm asking $100 or best offer

plus $5 postage for the complete group. I can accept check or money order.

However I'm not yet equipped to use paypal.

Let me know if you are interested in any or all of them.

You may contact via email or leave a message at (989) 753-7035 and I will

get back to you.

Thanks for considering my list.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,

Orestes Nash

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