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Re: Buying: Wanted - The Phantom by Lee Falk comics and assorted

Posted By: James Lee
Date: Sun, 2/12/17, 9:35 am
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Hi there,

I'm an Australian collector looking to find scarce Lee Falk 'The Phantom' comics and assorted memorabilia for my private collection.

I'm looking for;

Comics and print related;
- McKay Phantom Feature books #20, #22, #39, #57
- Harvey Hits #1 and #6 with Phantom covers.
- King Comics 3-Pack comic display box
- Ace comics with Phantom covers; #151 is a priority but open to others
- 1960's Ottenheimer Color in book

Related memorabilia
- 1944 Phantom Syroco in Purple or Bown. Box of interest also.
- LARAMI Toys company Phantom toys on card.
- HASBRO Phantom Rub Ons or Painting By numbers sets.
- Any original 1943 The Phantom Serial items such as cinema posters, inserts, Lobby cards etc

: What I am not after;
: - Gold Keys or Charlton Comics. Have them all already
: - Moonstone, Marvel etc. Prefer the Lee Falk written stuff too be
: honest.

: Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me any time.


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